An Effective and Proven Solution for Fixed-Income Trade Processing

Proven Solution

TradeBlazer® is a highly-regarded fixed income trading, settlement and clearance system for financial institutions. The platform integrates trading, accounting, credit, risk management, settlement, and clearing functions to provide comprehensive straight-through trade processing support for front, middle and back-office.

Total Package

While other companies may offer disjointed, disparate components that constitute their fixed-income product, TradeBlazer® is different, as it is a total, cohesive front-to-back solution for all your fixed income trade processing needs.

Pay For Features Used

As a single, well-defined and fully-integrated package TradeBlazer® allows you to choose any combination of features to meet your organizational requirements. And whether you process less than 100 transactions per day - or thousands - TradeBlazer® is the smart solution because you pay for only those features your organization actually needs!

Comprehensive Trade Processing Support

TradeBlazer® provides comprehensive, cost effective support for the demanding securities processing needs of all Broker/Dealers and Hedge Funds.

TradeBlazer is a proven solution for supporting the demanding needs of all Financing and Funding desks. The system provides many ways for initiating and updating trades from various Browser functions including Collateral Management and Inventory. The Quick Ticket feature allows for "one-click" entries of multiple trades, and the Trade Copy feature presents a pre-filled trade that is ready for modifications and entry.

TradeBlazer supports the following contract types:

  • Repurchase/Reverse Agreements
  • Outright Buys/Sells
  • Securities Borrowings
  • Borrow/Loan (Securities Versus Securities)
  • Receive Free/Deliver Free
  • Buy Back/Sell Back ("Dollar Rolls")
  • Placements/Time Deposits ("Unsecured Cash Borrowing")
  • HIC
  • Hedging (futures)

In addition, the following types of Finance Updates are supported:

  • Rate Change
  • Repricing
  • Interest Cleanup
  • Close (Partial/Full)
  • Collateral Swap/Substitution (Partial/Full)
  • Collateral Add
  • Collateral Re-assignment
  • Contract Rollover
  • Increase/Decrease (money on Placements/Time Deposits)

Clearance & External Links

Seamlessly supports straight-through processing of Receive/Deliver activities, typically without the need for manual intervention.

Superior Design and Architecture

TradeBlazer® is as an initial (but extensive) base product allowing for customizations to suit each client's specific needs.

Accounting & Compliance

Multi-currency, multi-legal entity trade processing system, with real-time, automated creation of general ledger journal entries.

As a multi-currency, multi-legal entity trade processing system, TradeBlazer features real-time, automated creation of general ledger journal entries. In addition, with its online browsers, researching issues is as easy as pointing and clicking to drill down to the information needed.

TradeBlazer also provides various batch reports for compliance with various SEC and FINRA regulations; including, FOCUS reporting, 15c3-1 Net Capital reporting, inventory haircut reporting, customer statements, stock record, aged fails, and 15c3-3 reporting. Accounting is made extremely simple by the numerous processing functions of the system, including:

  • Flexible General Ledger Mapping Table
  • Trade Date or Settlement Date accounting
  • Online Journal Entries Browsers
  • Sub-ledger Balances Browser
  • Real-Time Asset Limit Graphical Monitoring
  • FX P & L Journals
  • Journal extract feed to external general ledger
  • Interfaces to most major accounting systems

Robust and Sophisticated Business Model

Employs a robust, mature and sophisticated Business Model.

Exceptional Performance

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance whether being used by a small company or a large corporation spanning the globe.